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Crash Test
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Fiery Great Sword - Skill 4

So for those that may not be aware, if you are able to line of sight a mob into a corner and you have auto target turned off, skill 4 on the elementalist's fiery greatsword has a somewhat decent damage output.

I was reading the announcement to upcoming changes last night, and i'll have to paraphrase as i can't link the source, that 'unintended uses of the FGS' will be fixed. Just wondering if this may be related to that?
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This will probably be nerfed into the ground and make the fgs worthless as an elite with the patch. They nerfed part of it when they changed it so blink skills (blink, lightning flash, shadowstep) no longer worked with it. If they tone down the damage it might be ok but knowing Anet, they'll make it require a target and the skill will be worthless.

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I have a feeling what Bunter says might be true with this one. I can hope they just reduce the damage ticks -- that'd be the nice thing to do, but otherwise its not the best elite in the game without that rush.

Of course, grapevine says they will be reducing the first hits on warrior 100 blades to help there, I wonder if maybe the same logic will carry across the board....

Per the ready up on mesmer and ele changes Upcoming Mesmer and Elementalist Changes

FGS Fiery Rush the RUSH damage is being reduced by 70% (not a typo) and the ending slash is being increased.


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