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1) Upgraded the guild trader. He now has a decorations tab that allows you to purchase decorations for 1 guild commendation each. It changes each day and any purchased decorations are greatly appreciated. Some of the decorations are only available through the guild trader.

2) With the guild trader upgrade done, we're now focusing on the Workshop Restoration 2 Upgrade. This has the need for 230+ vials of linseed oil for which each one takes 20 flax seed. We really need everyone to be harvesting and donating flax seed each day they are in-game. There is also a need for orichalcum ingots and we can use any that people can spare. Lastly we need 45 more Elonian Leather Squares for this upgrade. I have enough of the daily mat for it but need the tier 2,3,4 leathers (thin, coarse, rugged) to make the elonian for the guild. Please put any of those 3 leathers in the guild bank and I'll make the Elonian Leather from them.

3) Remember to hit the guild nodes each day and that the ore and lumber nodes give 6 hits each and the plant nodes give 2 hits each. The Workshop Restoration upgrade mentioned above will allow us to further improve the material selection from the nodes as well as the number of hits on each node.

4) Thanks to all who have been donating, it's greatly appreciated. The guild still requires a lot more resources and can really use everyone who logs in to donate "something". Every little bit will help the guild and make it so much easier on the people who have been doing the lions' share of the donating.

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