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Quicksand Achievement for Dry Top

I found an easy way to do the quicksand achievement in Dry Top solo. Only thing you need is an engineer and the A.E.D. healing skill. The engineer does not have to have completed the story, just get him to the quicksand river. Use a vitality increasing food and one with regeneration is best (Mango Pie). Jump in the river, watch your health and when close to dead, activate the A.E.D. and it will heal you enough to get the achievement. Don't panic if you get downed in the river as you'll get the achievement as long as you aren't fully dead.

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+1 for 'I've got tricks' achievement.
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Found this one by accident myself....never even looked at AED until then. I just happened to be on my Engi when everyone was attempting this one over 4th weekend.

It's actually a pretty good "Oh Shyte!" survival skill, but I'll stick with good ol' Healing Turret for general use.
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