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Exclamation New Applicants START HERE!


Last Updated: 27-Nov-2015
Last Updated By: Velvet

Status: SoF is currently OPEN to recruiting in ALL TIMEZONES!!

Servants of Fortuna (SoF) is a GW2 Guild of mature players ranging from “casual” to “near-hardcore”. We are one of the original Guild Wars guilds, founded during the Beta of the original Guild Wars MMO. (We are over 10 years old!!) We are primarily a PvE guild, but many of our members play WvW or PvP, as well. We are a global guild, with members in several countries and across time zones; however, most are based in North America and Europe.

Many of our long-time members are currently inactive in-game, so we are looking for new members to help revive activity and rebuild the guild. With the new Heart of Thorns expansion for GW2, we have claimed a Guild Hall and are in the process of collecting upgrades. We are currently a Rank 16 Guild, and gaining ranks and upgrades every week.

We do not have any “Rep Requirements” at this time, but we are looking for members who are active GW2 players, want to participate in Guild activities, and who are mature, fun, and willing to pitch in and help restore SoF to its former glory!

Please read the Qualifications, Admittance Process, and Application below. Thank you for your interest in SoF!


Must Be Aged 18+ Years Old To Be Considered For Membership!!

Desirable Attributes:
1. Experienced GW2 player with at least one Level 80 character and access to the Core game and the Heart of Thorns Expansion (you don’t need to be an expert at the game, but novices need not apply).
2. Home Server is Yak’s Bend (not required, but we do like to play in WvW together occasionally).
3. Prepared to play PvE, WvW, and/or PvP.
4. A preference for team play and working together in a group to accomplish a common goal.
5. Mature, genuine, open-minded, talkative, good sense of humor.
6. Willing to help guildmates, and to call for help whenever it is needed.
7. Willingness and ability to use voice communication during play (Ventrillo).
8. Have a history of gaming, especially online games, MMORPGs, etc.
9. Enjoyment of discussing builds or other game mechanics, putting forward strategies, and engaging other members on the forum.

Undesirable Attributes:
1. Someone who has no GW2 experience at all, but wants a group to show them everything (we don't have time, unfortunately).
2. L33t-speakers, know-it-alls, and those of that ilk.
3. Immature behavior in-game (eg, ragequitters), in speech (eg, excessive cursing or swearing), or in writing (eg, inflammatory forum posts).

The admittance process is as follows:

1. Register on the SoF forums, review the Application section below, then post an application in this forum covering the questions asked. Note: If you'd like to apply as a group, please state that you are doing so and mention the other members of your group (who must also register on our forums and post an application) so that we can take this into consideration.

2. Once you have posted an application it will be reviewed by the Council as soon as possible. In the meantime, we encourage you to browse through the public forums and start or take part in discussions (the forums can be a good way to make an impression).

3. After posting an application, please make contact with us in-game (Guild Wars 2). The IGNs and general playtimes of the Councillors and Officers are listed at the bottom of this thread, so that you can add us to your Friends List and contact us directly. NOTE: We generally have Guild Events on Sundays at 7 pm server time. This is a great opportunity for you to meet several guildies at once and play together!

4. Once your application has been reviewed, you will receive feedback on it via the forum, and you will receive an in-game Guild invitation, if accepted. NOTE: Your application and forum presence, coupled with your in-game play experiences with us, will determine if you are accepted into the guild as a new member.

Unsuccessful applicants will be offered feedback and their applications will be closed. Your application may also be closed if your forum and/or in-game activity is so low that we cannot make any assessment on you as a potential member.


When posting an application for SoF, please create a new thread in the Application forum and address the following questions in your opening post:

1. How did you hear about SoF, and what made you want to join?
2. What is your age (or age range) and in which time zone do you live?
3. What (online) gaming experience do you have?
4. Describe your GW2 experience (eg, Do you have HoT? How many level 80 characters do you have? How is your time split between PvE, WvW, and PvP activities? Any other specifics to share?)
5. Is Yak’s Bend your home world? If not, would you be willing to make it your home world?
6. Have you contributed to the GW2 community through GW2 Wiki, Yaks Bend.com, or some other GW2 forum?
7. Tell us more about yourself and why you would be a good fit for SoF!! (hint: creativity counts!)
8. Please list at least one character name or your account name.number so we can contact you in game.
9. Do you have Ventrilo installed? We use this for voice communication during guild events. Even if you don't have a microphone it's important to join so you can listen. (Hint. If you DON'T have it installed, go install it NOW and then answer 'Yes, yes of course I have it installed'. Boom. Instant +1 points on your application.)

Active SoF Councillors/Officers – IGNs – General Playtimes:
Bunter - Bunter.3795 or Force Majeure.7152 or Ebonshade.7385 - variable playtimes US hours
Jeno - Jenosavel.1756 - Weekends US Pacific time
Tmak - tmakinen.1048 - variable playtimes EU hours
Velvet - Velvet.8610 - Weekends and some evenings US Eastern time
Wookie - WetWookie.1687 - Evenings/Weekends US Eastern time

If you have any questions at all, please do ask. We realize that joining a guild is a two-way process and both parties have to fit. Good Luck!

GW1: Velvet Darkshadow (N)~Lily Goldenrod (Rit)~Neysa Pearldrop (Mo)~Syrenia Longbow (R)~Calypso Dragonheart (W)~
Melodie Dewshine (E)~Darien Archangel (P)~Paige Diamond (D)~Velvet of Fortuna (PvP)
GW2: Velvet.8610

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