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1. Why do you want to join SoF over other guilds?

I have been looking for an organised guild since I came back after my 8 month break. Most guilds do not have a nice website or forum to go along with it, and I feel it is important that a guild can communicated outside of the game.

2. What is your age (or age range) and in which time zone do you live?

I am currently 17, and yes I know I must be 18 but I am 18 on the 1st of March!

3. What (online) gaming experience do you have?

A lot, to say the least, My MMO's include - GW2 (of course), WoW, Lotro, SWTOR, DCUO and Im sure there are a few more. I also have over 200 games on my steam account, some of which are MMO's too!

4. How is your time distributed among different PvE, WvW, and PvP activities?

I love PVP in all MMOs but I love the WvW in GW2 and I WvW a lot, although I do like the odd dungeon run and PVP Matches.

5. What is your preferred profession/role? What do you like about it? What is your style of play?

My Main is a Mesmer, I love mesmers, they are a unique class, not seen anywhere else. I love the illusion aspect of mesmers, the way they create clones to fool thier oponents. I am currently on a Mantra build, but that will more than likely change to a support role, if I am going to WvW etc with the guild. I also have a support guardian and am currently leveling a necro.

6. What are your in-game character names? What are their levels?
Krisco Disco - 80 Guardian
Psychotria - 80 Mesmer
This Is Just A Test - 59 Thief (PvP tho)
Kaykara - 20 Necro (currently leveling)

7. Is Yak’s Bend your home world? If not, would you be willing to make it your home world?

Yak's bend is my home world

8. Have you contributed to the GW2 community through GW2 Wiki, Yaks Bend.com, or some other GW2 forum?

Like I said, I am just back from a 8 month break and have not been on the froums at all for the server, but I do occasionaly go onto the GW2 forum to check what is happening.

9. Where did you find out about SoF? Were you recommended by an existing member? Do you already know one or more members of our guild?

I seen a few of your members in WvW and thought I would ask what the guild is about and they directed me to this website!

10. Tell us more about yourself and why you would be a good fit for SoF!!

I love to game and GW2 is my favourite MMO. I have commanded in WvW before and I consider my self a good leader. I am friendly and get on well with others and I am very "Social". I may be under 18 at this moment and time but I am quite mature but can be fun at the same time. I respect all players who play the game and just enjoy playing with other people!

Thanks for reading my application, I appreciate it!
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Hi Ray, thanks for taking the time to apply.

Your app will be reviewed by Council members who will then come back to you in this post with an update.

Personality fit + attitude are the critical factors we consider when assessing whether someone will be a good fit for the guild or not.

In the meantime, I would suggest you look around the forums and do post on any topics that interest you so that members can get a feel for you.

Many thanks!

Oracle on behalf of the SoF Council

GW2: Oracle.2134

'A' is for ASURA <3
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Hi Rayuk, good to have you running around with us to keep half of SBI busy over their SE Tower. We got a good leap forward because of that on the other maps. thanks for your application.
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