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Resurrecting this thread to toss out a WvW build recommendation. This is a slight modification of the [One] Hulk Warrior build that I would estimate comprises >33% of their usual build composition. If you're willing to micromanage a few adaptive weapon/trait/skill swaps, this build is basically superman, as it can do nearly everything well. This is it why it is currently my preferred class to use whenever I don't specifically need my Guardian.


- One of if not the fastest traveling class.
- Permanent swiftness for party/dolyak.
- Extremely high survivability, with many layers of redundancy against nearly all possible threats.
- Good damage output and crowd control.
- Proficient in both zergbusting and small-scale combat. Pretty decent at dueling and spvp too tbh.

Runes: Soldier x6
Typical Utilities: Healing Signet, FGJ, Shake It Off, Balanced Stance, War Banner
Food: Poultry/Leek Soup (Vitality, Reduced Condition Duration), Master Maintenance Oil
30 - 2, 8, 12
30 - 2, 7/9, 12
10 - 4

Sword (Bloodlust)
Sword (Energy)
Horn (Bloodlust)
Shield (Hydromancy)
Hammer (Fire)
Greatsword (Fire)

Armor/Weapon/Trinket: Mix based on personal preference between Knight/Zerk/Valk/Celest. Aim for ~1850 Toughness and 45+ Crit Damage. Vitality not as important.


- Use Sword/Horn and Greatsword to move around outside of combat. Make sure to spam Sword 2, Horn 4, GS 3, and GS 5 on recharge. Switch in Tactics 9 and Signet of Rage for more Swiftness, and Bull's Charge for even more movement.
- In the appropriate situation, use Horn 4 and Tactics 9 to perma-swift Dolyaks.
- Build stacks on Vet Guards and indigenous creatures with dual bloodlust Sword/Horn set.
- Switch to Hammer and Energy/Hydromancy Sword/Shield just before major combat.

- Use Shouts to heal, clear conditions, and build adrenaline. Generally, let Shrug It Off trigger first, then hit FGJ, and save Shake It Off for last.
- During large fights, use Balanced Stance on impacts with enemy zerg. Follow your train through the fray. Call a target on your own commander to be able to keep track of it better. Avoid being "run over" alone by the enemy train: dodge roll if necessary. Keep swinging in the Hammer set as long as possible: F1, 3, 4 as often as possible into as dense a group of enemies as is safe. Alternatively, keep dropping F1 on the commander's head to trigger the water fields that should theoretically be appearing there.
- The Sword/Shield set is the panic button. Use Shield 5 if you get immobilized underneath the enemy train's nose. Use Sword 2 to get away from combat (remember to deselect targets and turn off auto-targeting). This set can also be a decent chase/cc set with 2, 3, 4, and F1. Still, return to Hammer set asap.
- If/When some allies are downed, drop War Banner ASAP to pick them up.

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