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Old August 30th, 2012, 09:34   #1
Sabre Wolf
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Ele Builds

After doing some heavy skills research, I seem to find that Air and WAter concintration with a little Arcane seem to be the best functional in-game. I have to do more testing but on paper I have found this...

1.) Dagger/Dagger (Melee damage and foe displacement)
2.) Staff (AoE damage and AoE Support)

1.) Dagger/Focus (Damage)
2.) Staff (Light Damage and Heals)

If you switch from Air -> Water without changing the weapon set, it’s not a big deal, you lose damage for defense with a dagger off hand which can be a good thing for preservation. Air focus is not as good with a Dagger main though when going the other direction. In this case of Water being you primary, load a few Arcane damage skills and run that route if you need more damage and switch Air for a KD and stun.

Not been a fan of fire... its damage, damage again, more damage! yippie...

Any one have experiences to share? I know Ele was the #1 profession in the guild pre launch.

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Old September 3rd, 2012, 14:10   #2
Fierce Echovald
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I am using Dagger / Focus at the moment.

Mostly using fire skills as they appear to pump out good amount of damage and combine nicely.

(I am doing this from memory)

I usual auto attack followed by breathing fire. Then place wall of fire, activate fire sheild and then fire slide through the enemy. This method usually gets good amount of damage in a short time as the fire shield causes additional damage as you slide through the enemy.

Water has the regen trait on it and is used if health gets low, although there are no great healing skills with dagger / focus. I also use water if allies are about as some of the skills heal allies too.

Air I am not impressed with the damage abilities, but the focus skill that destroys projectiles is very useful.

Finally Earth contains defensive stuff and is often just changed to in order to use defensive skills.

In traits I have 5 in water for the regen ability and 5 in Arcane. Also have 5 in fire and intend to get the lave tomb thing at 10. However don't know where to go after that as non of the higher stuff really looks like a must have.

for PvE I am thinking a very balanced build of traits might be the best way to go.
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Old November 12th, 2012, 12:53   #3
Adept Tyrian
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I looked for a special thread on WvW but couldn't find it, maybe I didn't search well enough. But now that I have my first 2 weeks of experience in WvW I am trying to find the best elements for my ele in WvW.
Obviously speed is important so I used the Air trait up to 25% speed boost and my staff gives me the extra temporary speed boost.
I noticed that the fire meteor shower and to a lesser extend lava font can do damage and cause fear in hostile mobs who are attacking your group or your keep/tower. Also useful in working on walls to discourage invaders to rain down nasty stuff on you and damage their siege engines up there.
Water to heal your party under arrow rains trying to get that ram going at the gate.
I don't use earth so much other than others when fire and air are recharging.
I usualy equip more defensive utility skills than in pve, like the shields or earth/water sigs.
And I find that my elite skills are not really meant for WvW. My (fire and air) elementals are up there in battles to do damage to enemy mobs but they are not giving me the important extra of an elite.
Obviously I am looking for experiences from far more seasoned WvW elementalists with suggestions to help me become a better Yak's Bend Hero.
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Old November 13th, 2012, 20:40   #4
Adept Tyrian
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My opinion:

-Staff is the only option against players. Swap to something else if you need to PvE (e.g. unguarded dolyak or one of those solo veteran guard capture points)
-Take Glyph of Storms as utility slot 1 so you have another AoE to rain down (or up) on people. It has a shorter range but is still castable on some walls from the ground.
-Take Mist Form as utility 2, especially if defending since it gives you the ability to exit the base and mix things up with nearly no risk of death.
-AFAIK the air speed traits do not stack with Swiftness so rather than taking them take the single one that makes glyphs give an attunement buff and then take Glyph of Elemental Harmony for 2 stacks (i.e. 20 seconds) of Swiftness. Thus you will have it permanently at the cost of one trait.
-Switch to whatever element has combo field generators recharged. Focus on creating combos. Don't bother trying to target for damage with anything ground targeted except Meteor Shower and Glyph of Storms because they are all slow, low damage, and can't be trusted to hit anyone awake. Make everyone else's attacks awesome instead. Remember that Earth has combo finishers so you can sometimes combo yourself. You can also use 30 Arcana trait points and abuse the combo finisher on Evasive Arcana - Earth like everyone in sPvP does. (You probably have until Thursday to do this)
-It doesn't make any difference what elite you take because they are all terrible. The Elemental helps with solo'ing NPCs so I take that.
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Old January 24th, 2013, 14:49   #5
Adept Tyrian
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In depth D/D ele discussion with build.


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