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Originally Posted by Nightsorrow View Post
This gem just popped up on my youtube subscriptions:

Guild Wars 2 Engineer WvW PvP (Yishi) Outnumbered 1 - YouTube

I think I've posted this guys Thief videos somewhere on the forums before but he has now changed over to Engineer. These videos show things I couldn't even begin to attempt on Engi, in a build that I've never seen used outside of his videos. A truly great watch for anyone interested in Engineers or just about anything else in this game, think I'm turning into a Yishi fanboy....

wow that's good.

that guy knows his stuff.
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I feel like he can rock any class he plays, and that kinda seemed to be the purpose of the build. "So you thought I dominated just cause I played a thief? Well here you go, naysayers!"

GW: Relt Dragcar R/ GW2: relt.6189
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