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Strife's Speed Run Builds

Disclaimer: I have held back from posting this a few times since I know there are some people who consider this highly elitist and not within the "play how you want" ethos of the game. I do not expect/"demand" people to convert their gameplay to this style. I was inspired by these videos and the drive to do things as best I can, make runs faster, etc. Hopefully if people have watched these videos then they will understand my preference for Guardian/Mesmer/Warrior builds (and getting into melee!) even if they do not want to do it themselves.

Hi All,

I've mentioned "Strife" quite a few times on vent and every time I've said to myself I should make this thread to pass on essentially my "Guru" for GW2 PvE. As a disclaimer - yes, he is elitist, but this is about getting the very most out of the GW2 game engine as it stands currently, this isn't for everyone but it's what I'm aspiring to personally and hope there are a few out there who will be inspired to follow as well!

Firstly: As a couple of showcases from his video archives to demonstrate exactly why he runs these builds...

CoF Path 1 in 5:43:

Level 30 Fractals Cliffside in 15 mins (without any bugs):

I'd really recommend checking out his channel for other dungeon guides - he has one for every single dungeon as far as I know, including explaining which parts you can skip and run through trash and which parts you have to fight.

Anyway, the builds! Again, hope some people find this helpful, I'm running slight variations on each of these builds on my characters (variations are since the completely pure Berserker approach is hard to pull off when the whole group doesn't follow the same approach).

Anchor Guardian:

Support Mesmer:

DPS Warrior:

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Thanks for posting these.

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