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PvE trait setup

Ok this is really simple question.

Traits are not easily reworked in PvE what setup do you run and why?
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I run the same thing that I do for WvW and dungeons in regular PvE as well. 10 air, 30 water, 30 arcane, the important traits being Powerful Auras, Zephyr's Boon, and Elemental Attunement. I switch attunements as often as I can, getting the boons for the switch and wasting less time waiting for individual skill cooldowns.

The shared auras are the focus of this build, and the set-up works pretty well for both d/d and staff. With d/d auras you have air 3 to stun foes and water 4 to chill them. Air 3 is particularly dangerous if you can get it on your entire party. The enemy has no recourse but to be stunned, and if they hit multiple allies with one attack I believe the duration increases. Water 3 is great for running. You put swiftness on your allies, and if any are hit by a stray attack the offending enemy is chilled.

With staff you only have earth 3 for an aura, but its a projectile reflector so its incredibly nice to share with allies, especially in dungeons or WvW against higher numbers of ranged enemies. It's great to coordinate with your guardians who are sure to also have reflection, and protect your party longer.

I actually find that I weapon swap between fights often on my ele so I can take advantage of the full range of useful skills across d/d and staff. Staff is better for bigger fights, d/d is better for skirmishes and mobility. My only complaint is the second dagger always going somewhere random in my bags. I keep my ele's bags as clean as possible so that making the switch back to d/d from staff goes faster.

For utilities, I like Arcane Wave, Cleansing Aura, Mist Form, Armor of Earth, Lightning Flash, and Glyph of Storms. I change which 3 I use depending on the situation. Stability from Armor of Earth is amazing in WvW or the occassional PvE areas where knockdown is more problematic. Lightning Flash is on my bar pretty much everywhere except for WvW siege defense where its nice to throw down Glyph of Storms from the wall. Arcane Wave is best with d/d as an additional blast finisher so you can add an extra set of might. Cleansing Aura and Mist Form I usually only take at times when more defense is required.

The great thing about the cantrips, Armor of Earth and Lightning Flash in particular, is that they don't interrupt your long weapon-skill casts. You can apply stability or teleport yourself in the middle of a long cast time without restarting it. This makes the d/d earth 5 actually useful, since you can retarget the aoe right before the cast finishes or protect yourself from an interrupt if you see one coming.

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