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I've been using the Shatter Cat build on my mes recently and it works like a charm in dungeons as well (I'm doing more dungeons/fractals than WvW). It's a pretty fragile build as far as straight Vitality and Toughness go, so you need to be prepared to be on the move constantly:dodge roll, blink, even using portal in combat to jump around the room when you know you're being chased. I find myself using the Greatsword and not the Staff in most dungeons, just because the GS cranks out more pure damage, but I do use the Staff in certain places where I know damage is less important than survivability (Mossman).

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I took a look at it, but I'm not sure I agree with his gear choices, the runes in particular seem odd. My build is surprisingly similar (Sword/Focus//Staff), and even the similar investments (20/20/0/0/30, instead of 10/30/0/0/30), with most of the same choices for traits (+20% damage on Mind Wrack, Clone on Dodge, Shatters off yourself, etc.).

His base setup listed is:
4/6 BZ, 1/6 K, 1/6 V, Trinkets : Nec V, r1 BZ, r2 K, T1 BZ, T2 BZ,
Wep staff: BZ MH: BZ, OH K
6 runes of air, Sigils: Staff: precsion, Sword: force, fire.

On Staff, then, his totals look like:
+1005 Power, +874 Precision (up to +250 from a sigil on top), +57% critical damage, +300 Condition damage, +103 vitality, +149 Toughness.

This looks like ~2.13 times base damage, 300 condition damage, 17410 effective light health (15% increase from base)

I guess the swiftness is something he likes from the air runes, as is the lightning strike, which he says he gets 1-3 times in a fight. It's very hard to compare this, so I'll leave it for now.

Swapping some gear around, I squeezed a bit more damage out without giving up anything really on defenses;

2/6 BZ, 4/6 Invaders, Trinkets : Nec BZ, r1 BZ, r2 BZ, T1 BZ, T2 K/BZ,
Wep staff: BZ MH: BZ, OH BZ

+1037 Power, +863 Precision (up to +250 from a sigil on top), +57% critical damage, +300 Condition damage, +104 vitality, +160 Toughness.
This looks like ~2.15 times base damage, 300 condition damage, 17514 effective light health (16% increase)

So you can eke a little more damage out of it with a bit more health by juggling the gear a bit. Might manage a bit more, even.

My next question is whether the air runes are worth it for the +10% crit damage, speed buff, and lightning strikes. No idea; I do know that you can easily get +12% crit damage via rubies, which would add to both power and precision, too. Or using (admittedly expensive) Divinity runes, which would boost everything, allowing you to cut back on the defensive bits of gear elsewhere. And there are options like the Rune of the Pack, which would offer pretty decent power and precision.

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