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Old May 6th, 2012, 14:41   #16
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Found it really hard to follow what was what though. When calling your target on vent I'm assuming you like in gw1 can press a button to also target whats been called but with no party menu icon to click on and multiple calls / quick target swaps I found it tricks as an observer to correlate the vent and screen action. Missing dots on a big radar to track movement, I can see gamer fatigue being an issue as there is so much screen action and animation to take in and process. Bring back enemy skill activation bars and dots!

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Old May 6th, 2012, 15:37   #17
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Old May 6th, 2012, 19:34   #18
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My BWE experience was cut short by real life obligations, and during that time I only managed to play an elementalist up to level 10 on the PvE side, and then tried WvW for a short moment where she dinged to level 11 during a supply camp raid. I got a lucky staff drop right past the tutorial instance and unlocked it fully - water was the hardest to get going because skill #1 does very little damage. Somewhere along the way I got a pair of daggers and was still working on the unlocks when I had to log off.

Staff feels like a very solid choice in WvW and in party PvE where the elementalist has the luxury of mostly staying in the back line. Double daggers requires a much more active and in-your-face playstyle and seems to work best in situations where the opposition gets up close and personal in any case.

While the elementalist is very strong against multiple closely packed enemies, on her own she doesn't have the defense to face opposition in numbers where her ranged AoE would really shine. Therefore, the most effective place of an elementalist seems to be in a small party where she is not the primary target. The inclination toward team play is also reflected in elementalist's skill set which contains many combo fields and environmental weapons for other party members to pick up.

In GW1 elementalist was the profession with the worst level scaling: a killing machine against lower level opponents, delegated to secondary roles like ER healer against higher level opponents because DPS just didn't cut it. Although I didn't have time to gauge the level progression in GW2, one would assume that the situation is more balanced in GW2 to keep the elementalist a viable choice all the way up to level 80.

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Old May 7th, 2012, 01:45   #19
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The MH guy taking this video shows what the ele can do. He does a lot of attunement swapping and uses pretty solid movement.


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Old May 24th, 2012, 10:19   #20
Mance Rayder
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I played the ele until level 12 and unlocked all the weapon skills apart from the underwater ones . I used mostly staff which i found very effective in pve and later on dual daggers which was a lot of fun.

Although i have always played a ranger main i have to admit that ele is the class i have enjoyed most so far in GW2 . The class seems to be very rewarding and with attunement swapping on the fly you always seem to have a useful spell available in one attunement.

I took mist form early on which was really useful and used it a lot. When solo i always had the feeling that if i died it was from mistakes , that basically you had enough tools there for any occasion if you played right, retreated with mist form , or changed attunement healed and sprinted away.

As Tmak suggested above in small groups when a warrior etc or multiple friendlies are taking the aggro up close then the elementalist really seems to shine. You then feel pretty much like the guy on the "money supermarket.com " adverts surfing a 100ft wave on an inflatable etc. the amount of bodies that stack up from your aoe is pretty devastating and you have all the other utility to help out as well. Mist form and sprints were great for when the champion boss decided it was time for you to take a beating.

Really loved the elementalist and it looks like it has quite a bit of depth too , and the spell effects ...beautiful, really beautiful.
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Old June 11th, 2012, 22:20   #21
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Got my Ele up to level 36. Unlocked two elites, Glyph of Elementals and Avatar of Melandru. The Elementals glyph is great as I always enjoyed using the lower-level Lesser Glyph of Elementals (a smaller less powered elemental). It gives you a summoned elemental based on your attunement. I liked the Elite fire and water summons. The water one does AOE healing and the fire one seems to drop pretty good damage (though annoyingly, won't attack castle walls when you are trying to get them down), even when you yourself are auto-attacking it. Avatar of Melandru (human elite) seemed OK though they have nerfed the animation on it, early videos showed it being HUGE, which was a shame as I like elites with a lot of eye-candy wow-factor

For PvP the utility Mist Form became my get-out-of-jail skill. Insta-cast and giving you 3 seconds of invulnerability as you turn into a whisp, saved my bacon on many occasions. Obsidian Flesh does give 4 seconds invul IIRC but I'm usually using staff in PvP and it's not a staff skill (forget which weapon it's on).

Other favourite skills? Air skill Ride the Lightening for pure fun and just jumping straight on to mobs. Fire skill Lava Font I used massively in PvE (as the mobs rarely move out of ranger). As mentioned, did tend to stick with staff in PvP and, similar to last time, I do find changing weapons a PITA (especially if your inventory is full) because Eles don't have wpn swapping skill. Fine in PvE when you can take your time but not so much in PvP.

All in all, still lots to learn but still enjoying Ele a great deal.

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Old June 11th, 2012, 23:35   #22
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The elementalist surprisingly became a top contender for my release profession. Out of 5 professions played up to level ~10 (i.e. enough to unlock most weapons), I really enjoyed the flexibility of this profession. Utility, defense, healing, single target dmg and debuff, massive AoE dmg: the elementalist has it all! Even melee.

Best all-around weapon: staff
Top prize for fun weapon: dual daggers
Most rewarding combination: Air + Wand (for CC on single targets stronger than me).

However, I am not that convinced by the element design because I wanted to swap weapons (staff/daggers or staff/air_wand), not elements. I understand the ele already has more skills than other professions, but I don't like how they were assembled. I would prefer to have a ranged PvP weapon (with a focus on CC), a melee weapon (incl snares, debuff and healing), and a ranged PvE weapon (with a focus on dmg).

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Old June 12th, 2012, 10:08   #23
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The ele might have been overpowered, therefore they disabled it.

According to descriptions the ele is very versatile due to the skills by weapon. By enabling the weapon switching you would have access to 5 new skills and on top still the different attunements.

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Old June 12th, 2012, 14:18   #24
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I know the argument, and I understand the point. I don't want MORE options, I just want FEWER options that I LIKE. For instance I want one water weapon for snare and healing and one air weapon for damage and CC. I don't necessarily want fire and earth skills as well. In the current design, you have too much flexibility, but not the skill set you want. In contrast, other professions can focus on the playstyle they enjoy.

But TBH, the elementalist was one of my favourite professions during this week-end. I barely used earth skills but once I understand when they can be better than the other elements, I trust my mental elementalist puzzle will be complete.

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Old June 14th, 2012, 16:07   #25
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I played Ele through both the betas so far, just got up to level 41, and I'm really enjoying it.

I've found staff most effective in PvE, mainly for the long range it allows you to attack from - against standard enemies starting off with a lava font, then fire skill 3 (I forget the name) then auto attack kills most stuff before they even reach you. For slightly stronger ones a little circling and maybe another lava font does the job. Stronger ones still, fire staff skill 4 (shoots you backward and leaves a trail of burning ground) is very useful - they have to walk even further to reach you, through fire, and all the while you burn them some more

For really strong enemies like the veteran ones element switching is a must. Start on fire, use all your skills, then switch to earth and use the defensive ones and more damage, then either to water for some healing and slow the enemy, or to air for more disruption of them or knockback. Once you've used all your skills in each element you are just about reaching the recharge of your fire skills, so switch back to that and repeat!

For underwater combat I've found the lightning skills the best, combined with circling a lot, but underwater in general seems to take a lot of practice.

My skills have certainly improved though - during the first beta I don't think I could take on a veteran enemy solo and survive, thanks to the level scaling, but now I can manage it. The style of play is quite different to GW1!

If anything they are even better with a group of other players - the healing rain water skill can be very useful to help keep other players alive, I recall a group event in Charr territory about taking back a town from a veteran giant that had taken over. The thing was massive and had huge health, far too strong to be taken down by a single player, but once a fair few people arrived I was able to stay out of combat range myself (it had only one ranged attack that was fairly easy to dodge) and focus on dealing damage and then healing the melee range players every time the skill had recharged.
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Old July 25th, 2012, 02:05   #26
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I have divided my time this last beta between asura ele and sylvari necro. I now feel I am starting to use the full potential of the elementalist and the key issue is indeed the attunement swapping. I have now found a rhythm of quickly switching between the attunements and laying down the most impressive AoE fields from the different elements.
I use a staff, like most, and usually start of with (Earth) Unsteady Ground and Eruption so they stay at a distance. Maybe sneak in the Magnetic Aura and Shockwave when enemies are already targetting me or getting too close.
Then switch to Fire to lay down Meteor Shower and Lava Font, while Fireball is going in between.
Next is Air where I raise the Static Field on the front edge of the mob and shoot some Chain Lightning and Lightning Surge into the crowd through the fields that are up.
Then it's time for water with Healing Rain over my friends and myself and Geyser (smaller field but a lot stronger than the Rain) on myself or anyone else in trouble for additional healing. Finish off with Frozen Ground and Ice Spike.
All of that takes about 20 secs and then it is time to switch back to Earth for more fun. After only a few seconds Unsteady Ground and Eruption are warm again for another cycle of scary sound and light effects on top of impressive damage.
In the Utility slots I usually have a (lesser) Elemental from the Glyph to draw immediate attention away from me and cause respectable damage themselves. I also try to cast Arcane Power As soon as it warms up again to grant my next few skills to do critical damage, awesome. And to add to the fields shooting down on the enemies I like the Glyph of Storms that causes another AoE shower, depending on the attunement you have active at the time of casting. Yes, it gets pretty chaotic in the target area but it also provides all your allies with constant combo fields for additional damage and conditions. And your own fast skills in the first staff slot use the combo effect too. So don't be an Air or Fire or Earth or Water Ele, the real power is in the continuous use of all of these heavy duty AoE skills without having to equip a Glyph of Renewal or Arcane Echo.
Of course you use your good judgement in balancing the attunements depending on the situation. More Water and Healing when allies around you are getting in trouble, more Air and spiking if there is a single target, more Fire when dealing with multiple enemies (especially when they burn easily) and more Earth for weakness, crippling and a shield against ranged attacks around yourself.
Trait points go first in Fire for extra power, then in Water to increase my Vitality, then Air for Precision and Arcana to recharge my attunements and the Arcane Power skill faster and increase the more passive boons to nearby allies.

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