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Old January 16th, 2016, 03:01   #1
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Battle in mordemeth's mind (excuse spelling)

I dont consider myself some PVE guru or anything but I can usually take down most bosses any where from 1 to 25+ tries (being honest lol) I have learned that who you take with you, seems to effect what mini bosses are in the event.(Canach's illusion is extremely tougher than whats her name and her dog.I have taken down all the pre mordy bosses and made it to the second take to the air phase. I am pretty sure If my necro with his durability had my thiefs dps I could it. but so could my youngest grandson (hes 4) I have my lvl 2 gliding and have been told the endless glide would help with the rocks in the take to the air (btw im running this with my necro) after 3 days Im pretty frustrated Im Mastery lvl 19 and completed 1 piece of ascended gear Im running a reaper/staff shroud build. So do I need to lvl my masteries and get more ascended gear before I try this boss fight again? OR is just me sucking. it's kind of principal thing at this point but some suggestions would be greatly appreciated. I have ruled out throwing my PC out the window and sucide so option 3 is ask for directions lol
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Old January 16th, 2016, 23:22   #2
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That's a rough fight. I just kind of stumbled through it and have no idea what I did. You can try looking for guides on youtube.

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Old January 19th, 2016, 23:55   #3
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Agree, I found the final battle to be tough, as well, and I did it with my son (me as ele, him as guardian). I don't think I would have been able to solo it, honestly.

It was frustrating enough that I don't think I want to try it again anytime soon, although at some point I might want to do it with my other toons - maybe we could get a guild group together for that?

Regardless of scaling, I think having 4-5 players will make the fights MUCH easier, since the baddies can generally only target one at a time with most of their attacks.

By now I'm sure there are guides up on various websites that give some tips and tricks for beating the end battle, but we did it unassisted for our first go!


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Old January 20th, 2016, 20:16   #4
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I attempted it yesterday and had not problems except for disconnecting during the last step and the one prior to it. I was almost at the boss for the prior step when I dc'd and then I had to redo the whole step which I did with no problem. I then went onto the last step and while solo had no problem with either of the legendaries and had the second one down to 1/4 hp when I dc'd. Needless to say, I didn't feel like going back in right away.

Looking forward to seeing what the last step involves.

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