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Guild & Alliance Structure (Incl. whom to contact)

Alliance Structure - Yak's Bend US Server

Servants of Fortuna [SoF]
The mother guild of Servants of Fortuna. North-American / European guild, plays PvE and casual PvP.
Guardians of the Stars [GOTS] website
European guild focused around CET, plays PvE predominantly, as well as casual PvP. [Located on Gunnar's Hold EU Server]
Defenders of Gods [DOG] website
North American guild, with members participating in all types of GW activities.
Odin's Hammer [OH] website
North American guild, playing mostly PvE.
Scouts of Tyria [SoT] website
European and North American guild playing both PvE and PvP with an emphasis on PvE.
Guild Wars Junkies [Gwar]
European and North American guild plays PvE predominantly.

In addition to the individual Guilds, the Alliance operate a Guild in GW2; the Servants of Fortuna Alliance [SoFA].
Members of the Alliance are encouraged to join this Guild to facilitate better inter-Guild communication due to there being no Alliance-specific features in Guild Wars 2.

Guild Structure: Servants of Fortuna

The governing structure of SoF is currently run by members of the Council.

Those who sit on the SoF Council are named below:

Crash Test
Wesley Of Florin

Thank YOU!

To each and every guild member who has helped make SoF a great gaming community – of friends firstly and Guild Wars players secondly! Long may we all prosper!


Whom to contact


Issues to do with the forum/mechanics? Please contact bsoltan. In an emergency situation if he is offline and you need to report malicious behaviour on the forum (i.e. a ‘vandalism’ attempt or flaming), contact a member of the Council.

For other forum moderation, please contact a Councillor.


Please contact bsoltan for all issues to do with the SoF website.

SoF Database

SoF database is no longer maintained. It is available for historic purposes only.

Recruitment & Recruitment Guidelines

Please contact a Councillor for any issues relating to recruitment. i.e. where to post adverts on forums, text to use, clarification on whether someone may or may not be right for the guild.
If you are considering applying to the Guild, please consult the Guild Recruitment Forum.

North American Issues (General)

If you live in any timezone that is GMT- (minus) and have concerns or issues you would like to discuss, in confidence – please contact Velvet, Wesley, Crash Test, Epinephrine or Bunter.

European Issues (General)

If you live in any timezone that is GMT+ and have concerns or issues you would like to discuss, in confidence – please contact Oracle, bsoltan or tmakinen.

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