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Post Application: Pohx

1. How did you hear about SoF, and what made you want to join?
Atlas referred to this guild. He explained that the guild events are enjoyable and everyone has a good sense of humor!

2. What is your age (or age range) and in which time zone do you live?
30, Eastern time zone

3. What (online) gaming experience do you have?
Diablo series, Path of Exile, GW2

4. Describe your GW2 experience (eg, Do you have HoT? How many level 80 characters do you have? How is your time split between PvE, WvW, and PvP activities? Any other specifics to share?)
I recently started playing (about a month ago) and really enjoy the diversity the game has to offer. I have HoT and PoF. I have one level 80 character and planning to start another. I have mainly been playing solo and mostly PvE, but would like to venture into WvW.

5. Is Yak’s Bend your home world? If not, would you be willing to make it your home world?
Yak's Bend is not my home world, however I have tried to switch and the server is always full.

6. Have you contributed to the GW2 community through GW2 Wiki, Yaks Bend.com, or some other GW2 forum?
I have not contributed to the community as I am fairly new to the game, but am open to contributing any way I can.

7. Tell us more about yourself and why you would be a good fit for SoF!! (hint: creativity counts!)
I enjoy online gaming and playing with others to complete events/achieve goals. I also have a good sense of humor, and it seems like SoF does as well!

8. Please list at least one character name or your account name.number so we can contact you in game.
Account Name: PohxKappa.8514

9. Do you have Ventrilo installed?
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Welcome! Thank you for your application. Your account has been invited to the guild for in game trialing where we strike you repeatedly with a pool noodle and watch for signs that you might explode into an irrational fury.

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