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Exclamation SoF is Recruiting!!

Hi all,

Since many of our long-time members have been "afk" for a while, we are looking to find some more active GW2 players to rebuild our ranks. So, we will be posting a recruitment thread on the GW2 Official Forums, and directing potential applicants to come to this forum and post an application.

Since folks can be in multiple guilds now, and there is a large selection of guild to choose from, we have decided to streamline our recruitment process a bit. We will still require potential members to post an application and ask that they post around on our forums. However, the "trialing" stage has been reduced dramatically. We will ask potential applicants to contact one of our officers in-game so that we can chat with them and hopefully get some playtime in, and encourage them to join a guild event. The goal is to quickly evaluate an applicant and invite them (or not) within 1-2 weeks max.

"What can I do to help?" I'm so glad you asked!!

1) Please come on the forums regularly and engage any applicant in "conversation". Ask them questions and generally participate in forum thread exchanges with them.

2) Please come to guild events (Sundays @ 7m server time) and participate, and observe the new applicants in-game. Also, please be willing to join up with a guild group for an objective if you are asked, so we can play with applicants at other times aside from guild events.

3) Please send any feedback to the Council members ASAP - especially if that feedback is negative toward the applicant.

4) IMPORTANT!! Please at least say "hello" and "good-bye" on guild chat EVERY TIME you are in game. We have all gotten out of this habit, and it is a small but powerful thing to do to keep the guild connected, especially as new members come onboard.

If you have any questions, please message a Councillor. Also, please check out the new Applicant Thread that will be posted soon.

Thank you all for your support - let's revive this guild back to it's former glory!

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