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Old September 7th, 2007, 17:22   #1
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Dormant Power Stirs, Once Again - 9/6/07

It was Victrix's first night back in action last night, and it went pretty well Very much thanks to Gus (War), Bruce (War), Taelith (Ranger), Aus (Mesmer), Lucky and Rob#2 (Paragon), Kaitrin (Monk), Neo (Monk), and Tzuul (Runner), for participating. We went 7-2, with a net gain of +11 rating for the night. It's besides the topic of this match report, but we also acquired a new guild member: Bruce. Everyone say hi Anyways, to the (not very epic, but at least detailed) match reports!

Slash Rank: Loss, -2

They ran a hex team with two dervishes and two necros. They were able to shut down our offense and wear down our defense in the intial encounter. We were pushed back to base, where we lost many NPCs. However, we were able to split a bit and kill some NPCs in their base as well. Over time our defense adapted to their offense, and by the 10:00 mark the main battle was fairly even. We played a better VoD than they did, scoring more kills and pushing almost all the way to their Lord before it walked, but in the end it turned out we had dug ourselves a hole slightly too deep in the beginning, as our DP and burnt sigs, combined with their constant boosts eventually spelled doom for our efforts. We wiped and they dropped our Lord at around 22:00.

Fenris Nacht: Win, +2
The Euphoria of Gold: Win, +2
Archangels of Sin: Win, +2
Blood and Chains: Win, +2

These games are a blur to me, since they were very similar to eachother and occured early in the night. So if anyone else from the team has something to contribute to these besides the generalizations Im about to make, please feel free to add them.

In these games we pretty much dominated their team from the getgo, often wiping and re-wiping their team quickly. Some of these games were on Wizards Isle, some on Imperial. One team used an AoD assasin to gank our base with some success, but we adapted to him and countersplit with our ranger to counteract our losses. Overall, though, our offense was rolling and our defense rarely was threatened in these games.

Next Level Spanking: Loss, -2

A Delta Formation smurf, running a build with several hexers, fire eles, and a dervish. This game was very similar to the one we played against Slash Rank. They dropped both of our monks right after 2:00 (a mistake on our part) and we paid for this with a full wipe and loss of virtually our entire base worth NPCs. We managed to countersplit a little bit, and in the main battle our defense again adapted and the battle was pretty much stalemated from 4:00 to 18:00. Again, we had some success at VoD, but we had too much of a disadvantage to overcome, and ended up wiping.

Clan WASD: Win, +2

They were running a relatively balanced build with 2 wars, 2 mesmers, and a paragon. Their mesmer's were unable to make much progress due to maintained Veil on both monks, and their defense cracked quickly as we wiped them within 2:00. Whatever our offense did to them, I dont know, but it sure as hell worked! They came out to fight again, and on their second try they did much better, lasting until about 7:00 until we started wiping them again. They resigned.

Sylvan Avengers: Win, +3

This team was using a similar build to WASD, but seemed to be using it better, which is interesting for reasons are irrelevent to this match report. Anyways, their defense was very resistant to our offense, mainly due to SoD spam. Also, their offense was able to slowly wear down our defense by spiking often and shutting down our monks with their mesmers. Still, they only ever scored 4-5 kills in the main battle all game. Meanwhile, we actively split them, with the end result of clearing nearly their entire base while recieving constant boosts. At VoD we were caught in a bad position exiting their base (snared retreating accross the ice) but managed to stabilize near the lever room and hold them there until the Lords walked to the Stand. There, our NPCs massacred their team.

Dyed Black: Win, +2

This team was using a very defensive build on Uncharted Isle. We scored one or two kills through their piles of Wards, Defensive Anthems, Aegises, SoD, Blind, etc. They scored one or two kills mainly because our monks were very bored and starting to get tired, lol. We ended just clearing their base of NPCs and waiting until VoD, when they resigned when their Lord was about to walk into our complete collection of NPCs. Gus, Aus, and Lucky had some "advice" for this team about how to improve their playing, LOL.

Hope you've all enjoyed this post-match commentary. Keep your eyes open for more accounts of Victrix's renewed ownination in the near future!

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Blood and Chains [Goth] match-
This is the one where I think the axe war was not spec'd in Axe, as he did 0 dmg to me when ...pressuring the paragon. This was also the team with the AoD assassin that we kept shattering and the mesmer that just stood still. They are pretty bad, I know a few of them, they have poor communication and high member turn over.

Overall decent night, I think our splitting and movement calls could have been more clear and concise, but that will come back after the rust falls off.

We took way to long to kill scrub teams, I guess this is a reflection of the overly defensive meta. A few more nights of this and I will be clamoring for extreme counter options

I dont have much to add, I played paragon, I pretty much was asleep matches 3-7, just had my cat walking across the keyboard back and forth to spam shouts and anthems, occasionally tossing out some spear attacks...suprizingly effective. Only awakened by Gus trash talking the other team and constantly overextending myself to pull knights and kill bodyguard with taelith, as they payed no attention to me


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Excellent! So glad to see you guys playing again, these match reports are always a fun read. Keep it up!

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Great stuff Neo! Thanks very much for the report and congratulations to you guys. Good to see Victrix playing again. Whoooo hooooo!!

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Yay Victrix! It's wonderful to see you guys playing again and get to read these reports. Go go Victrix!

And welcome to the alliance, Bruce!

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Everyone probably already knows this, but just in case.

Cruel Spear still applies Deep Wound to a stationary target even if the actual attack was blocked. 8x Cruel Spear spike for the...er....1 Deep Wound (but its really deep)!

Welcome, Bruce!

EDIT: Oh no. Now I'm afraid to post.

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Rob, look at your post count.

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Glad you guys got organized and hit the field. Hopefully last night's showing can be built upon.

Rob#2, you're a truly 1337 poster.

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It was a fun night, probably the most fun I've had GvGing in quite some time. More or less the pressure's of being a guild leader were lifted off and I was able to just play and call like I know how to. With a couple of more nights of GvG and some mesh work, we should be pretty good to start playing so better competition for sure. Btw, thanks for the love and invite guys.

- Bruce
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Originally Posted by Sir Bruce View Post
More or less the pressure's of being a guild leader were lifted off and I was able to just play and call like I know how to
I know exactly what you mean.

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Bout time , Great to see the Sof V group gettin back togther , Also welcome Bruce and Lucky to the Alliance , Good Luck all
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Wooo! Great to see Victrix back in action, and GJ on the matches!

I look forward to reading more great match reports from youse guys!!


PS - Welcome to the SoF family, Bruce!

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You guys really came out swinging didn't ya?! Pretty impressive run you all played considering how long you guys remained dormant. Good to see you guys out and about again and proving why you all are such a top class act! Keep up the awesome work... you're doing us all proud!

Welcome Bruce.
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