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Old May 2nd, 2007, 17:46   #1
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Victrix Match Report - 1 May 2007

Nothing epic here folks, hope ya'll dont mind

Build / Roster:

Hammer War - Neo
Sword War - Gus
Burning Ranger - Tae
Dom Mesmer - Zi
Water Ele - Lynn
Water Runner - Tzuul
RC Monk - Tumi
LoD Monk - JMS


Laptop Superheroes

Immedeately prior to the match, I sucessfully err7ed, thus failing to load into the game. We executed a pro resign spike and swallowed the -3. An excellent warmup game if I do say so myself.

Team Flamingo

A mirror match! We were running almost identical builds, with the exception that they had chosen to use Aegis on their monks. Build was not the difference, however, as they played very well, and while we were playing ok, it was not near enough to beat them. It could have had something to do our lack of playing - our rust was evident. In any case, we couldnt get anything going offensively at the flagstand, and our defense was slowly worn down. We split into their base somewhat sucessfully but in the end had to turtle up, where they eventually cracked us. This would have been a much better game if we had faced them on the last (real) match of the night, instead of the first. -2.

Sumthing Stupid

These guys were running an odd split build on Corrupted Isle (what else is new?). Maybe these guys were a [DAii] smurf or something. In any case, their build had alot of air eles, and tried to spike us out on one side of the split while doing some other weird thing with warriors on the other. Other than one Frenzy death by yours truly (-228 Lightning Orbs are painful), they didnt have much success. We pushed them back into base, racked up kills on pretty much everything, and dropped their Lord 'round 10 minutes. +2

Victory on Demand

These guys were running a nasty pressure build with 2 warriors, a paragon, taint, and mes. We were on our heels for a bit but eventually made progress by splitting them. After killing some NPCs we regrouped and pushed them as a full team. Many Taints were diverted and many Aegises were interupted. Combined with some cool ping-pong action, and spikes, we wore them down quickly and routed them into base right before VoD. We pulted their NPCs, defended a gank attempt, and they resigned with the Lords beginning to walk. +2

Xen of Onslaught

These guys were running the build that I officially love to hate atm because its so damn popular: EuroHex. Its a darn good build, so beating it is very satisfying. We picked on their hexers all game, pressuring them, interupting them, and spiking them. I hate hexers. Counter spiking their rambo-ing dervish was fun too. They took a bunch of deaths since their defensive hexes werent sticking (TY JMS, Tumi, Zi) so we pushed them into base. There, many NPCs were slaughtered. I successfully disconnected and missed the last 5 minutes of the game. So I have no idea what happened, except I reconnected about 30 seconds before we won. +2.

Lamers Ultimate Majority

This is an oooooold guild. Im not sure how many of their original members they have, but Im guessing, not too many. They had a different version of EuroHex, but didnt fare much better than XoO. The first 3 minutes of this game were absolutely beautiful, featuring about 4 ddagger-ed Signet of Humilitys, 2 clean spikes on their necro, and then a beatdown of their monks, which both dropped at the same time. Needless to say, they routed into base. We retreated once they ressed, but pushed in again soon. For the rest of the game we pushed on them, with the battle shifting between their Lord room and near the bridge over the lava to the stand. Near VoD Tumi lagged into their Lord room and died, resulting on us routing out of their base. Luckily, our dead guys base ressed (except Zi, who they saved). With our NPC and Morale advantage, we wiped them at VoD, though they made it a fight. +2.

Also, I harvested this screenie for Tae:


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Originally Posted by Neo
Near VoD Tumi lagged into their Lord room and died
hehe .. one second I was safe on the bridge, next second I was hugging their Guild Lord ..

soo .. When you are Dsync'ed and you use your keyboard you actually move, but not in the direction you think you are going? if that is the case, I really should get out of the habit of moving with my keyboard instead of mouse clicks ..

How do the majority of people move aroung in GvG.. keys or clicks??

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Yeah, desynching means your server movements don't match what you see on the screen. It's really tough to click the ground on some of those maps, but that's a pretty good way to avoid the problem. Like I mentioned last night, Burning and Jade seem to be the worst for that. The relic maps in HA are also notoriously bad.

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Grats to all of you... even if you were a bit rusty after a few days off. If not for the ultimately fatal err7 that occured I believe Laptop Superheroes would've suffered the devastating defeat instead of you guys.

All in all, we still think you guys kick ass and we all idolize each and every one of you... without exception. Fortuna above all though.

Looking forward to more reports and wishing that last night was an overall +6 instead of a +3 but there is no complaining on my end. A night well deserved and well fought. Enjoy your victory, Victrix!
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Forgot to mention, LuM's warriors complained loudly about our water ele(s). Seems Lynn and Tzuul were doing a number on them

When I monk, I almost always move with keys, but in situations where I think there is a chance to desynch (tight, crowded, etc) I'll click.

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Ajil Ixal
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good jobs guys - managed to stay up and watch your first few fights which was good fun

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Marillion Bloodbane
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Good job guys and thanks for the match report Neo! Always appreciated.

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Originally Posted by Neo
Lamers Ultimate Majority
This is an oooooold guild. Im not sure how many of their original members they have, but Im guessing, not too many.
I think, of the originals, those playing are in eF.
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I use both keyboard and mouse to move, depending on the situation. But if I think that I'm desync'd then I often double-click on a party member that looks to be in a safe position. Also, when I run the flag in, I always double-click the stand, and use keyboard to get around blockers.

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Old May 3rd, 2007, 23:22   #10
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Sounds like great matches! I wish I could've seen the one between you and FFs, I enjoy watching them play - and it could only be better vs Vitrix.
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Old May 4th, 2007, 03:17   #11
Greedy Gus
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They had quite a good match against Honk, but ours wasn't much to watch ;\

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