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Almighty Zi
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Victrix Match Report - 2 April 2007

Team Quitter [QQ] -2

They were running a heavy physical+conditions pressure build which included a tainted necro. Our map weeping stone was bit of a god send for them as it has lots of tight areas to trap. Basically, they would try and daze one (or both) of our monks (by smoke trap or either a plague touched headbutt) and then blackout the other one. They used this window to pile on the pressure and score kills.

The match went back and forth a few times with QQ pushing us into our base and then us pushing them out. Both teams scored some decent kills and both were pushed on occasions, however, both parties refused to break and so it went to VoD.

At VoD we had a slight NPC disadvantage and tried our best to stop their trapper and necro with putrid explosion from wiping our NPC and obviously piling a lot of damage onto us in the process. Unfortunately, one of our monks decided to lag for about 30 seconds as soon as all the NPCs came to the stand so we couldn't really push as hard as we would have liked and we ended up with a party wipe and no NPCs. I don't think this mattered though as QQ had had the upperhand all match and had received some nice morale boosts at the times when we were pushed back into our base.

In the end we threatened a couple of ganks which didn't work out so we resigned when the guild lords started to walk. Was a good match and it was nice to see Hutto and Lulu playing.

Just A Minor Threat [Meh] +2

They were running a NR build which meant that my diversions were either interupted (care of the rangers) or mistimed and our water ele was crying. We had difficulty pushing to their backline as we tried to keep out of traps and out of NR's range.

After a while of no kills for either side, we decided to perform a series of heavy pushes and withdrawals. We scored a couple of kills this way and in the end managed to secure a position in range of their backline with a loaded treb to their backs so that they had nowhere to retreat. We scored quite a few kills on them like this and as we had received no deaths and a few morale boosts, [meh] decided to resign at around the 16 minute mark.

Accident Prone [AP] -3

They ran a very defensive split build on frozen isle. We counter split and sent one of our eles to our own base to slow down the killing of our NPCs. AP were obviously playing a VoD game so we wanted to have an even playing field when the time came. Unfortunately, our split failed as their ritualist did a good job of defending their base and their assasin instagibbed anyone who pushed in hard.

In the end, since we weren't making kills at the flag stand, our NPCs were slowing dying and since we couldn't do anything decent on our split, we decided to fall back to our base and fight them 8 v 8 with our NPCs until VoD.

We still had a very difficult time making kills as we were running a balanced build with only moderate offense and meanwhile they were picking off a couple of our NPCs here and there and sitting with morale boosts at their back. We decided to wait for VoD and then push hard - which we did. We pushed them all the way back to their base and scored a few kills. We were looking to party wipe them (or at least their monks after the even minute) and then quickly kill their guild lord. Unfortunately, one of our warriors overextended and died and our hard resser had to push up to hard res. I think our monks spent a lot of energy keeping our hard resser alive here (we had used our 3 sigs) and he died before he could hard res. Shortly after this our other warrior died so we had no option than to retreat at which point they just snared the person they wanted and picked us off. I can't recall if they killed our guild lord or if we resigned in the end.

I think most of us accepted that we played poorly during this match, however, [AP] played very well so they deserve credit for this.

Ephemeral Sanity [ES?] -3

Ranger spike on burning. I say ranger spike but it was 2 bow rangers, 1 dom mesmer, 1 blood necro, 1 air ele, and then the backline.

When we loaded we discussed whether we should start killing the 1st flame sentinel and in the end we decided not to (as someone suggested that we should try 8 v 8 first - we didn't know what they were running at this point). We suffered a couple of quick deaths (mainly me) early on and then at that point decided that we should split - in essence trying to close the stable door after the horse had bolted. One of our split capable warriors ran right through them and over the bridge into their base (they had no snares so this was doable), unfortunately, neither of our other split capable character followed him and had to spend time killing flame sentinels and running around the back way when we retreated to our base.

We held them at our base (meanwhile accruing some DP) while our split got underway. They sent a monk runner to deal with our split and with just 1 base defender I think our guys tried to spread their damage but for some reason our ranger couldn't get into position to hit the bodyguard and thus the monk wasn't stretched and was able to keep NPCs alive.

We collapsed at one point and scored a kill or two, however, due to mistakes early on (getting the split rolling and working effectively) and VoD fast approaching, our options were limited. We played a couple of minutes into VoD and then decided to resign.


Although we had changed a couple of skills around and didn't have our usual guy on the water ele, I think that our losses were mainly due to not playing well. This was the first session we have had in about a week so there may have been some rust, however, I think we need to start playing like we usually do in order to prep up for the upcoming auto-tournies.

Jun Zi / Hex And The City
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Marillion Bloodbane
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Thanks for the assessment Zi. Though it sounds like you guys had an off night I hope you all don't get discouraged. You've had some great successes lately so don't be surprised if some days go worse than others, everyone has their off days... If you learn from your mistakes it's all worthwhile in the end. Go Victrix go!!

The Torrencians [Tor]
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The biggest key difference between our play recently and our play a few weeks ago (when we were doing very well), imo, is that we have been hesitating on map-wide movement (splitting).

We used to transition between splitting (both offensively and defensively) and 8v8 much more often and without prompting from other people. Recently it feels like we're stuck in 8v8 mode.

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Marcus Ferret
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Cheers for the match reports, Zi. Was wondering if you guys were slacking...

Originally Posted by Neo
The biggest key difference between our play recently and our play a few weeks ago (when we were doing very well), imo, is that we have been hesitating on map-wide movement (splitting).

We used to transition between splitting (both offensively and defensively) and 8v8 much more often and without prompting from other people. Recently it feels like we're stuck in 8v8 mode.
Just a thought on my part: The period leading up to the Celestial Tournament was a long, drawn out affair, with most teams practising and maintaining one or two builds for the duration of the tourney. The daily tourneys may be different and I have a feeling there'll be quite a fair number of guilds running gimmick builds in order to score a string of wins. Watching Victrix play has convinced me that running balanced is probably the best way to deal with any given situation. The splitting capabilities of the build is a nuisance as well as provides an element of surprise against oppositions even when they have the upperhand, which really makes for exciting battles, so hopefully you guys will be able to regain that element in future matches. As Marillion said, everyone has their off days and I believe you will be back to thumping instead of getting thumped pretty soon. Don't have much time to catch you guys on obs these days, but here's wishing you all the best and keep these threads coming.

Good luck, good game and stay up there^^

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Guys keep the faith, ups and down are part of it, especially the high you guys are coming off in the tournament, once u guys settle back in your good to go , We are all behind you and very proud of Victrix, I envy the Smash face

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