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The new PvP league is great!

Yesterday GW added a PvP league. You play games, climb up ranks, get rewards (including black lion keys and exotic equipment) and a ton of achievement points (I think I got like 12 last night). You can even complete your dailies pretty easily in PvP. You start off in the lowest bracket (amber I think) and getting wins moves you up and up until you promote into the next bracket (emerald if I recall correctly). There's a legenday (something) called the Ascension you'll be rewarded with if you fill up the long achievment list. It's honestly a ton of fun and I encourage you all to try it out. Give me a shout if you want a teammate and I'd be happy to join you for some matches.

p.s. There's a great website called MetaBattle that can help you find a good PvP build as they tend to be very different from good PvE builds.

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Anybody playing PvP these days? I've only played a little bit over the years, enough to hit rank 12, but the last few weeks I found myself playing more and more. I pulled myself up to rank 20 on Saturday, so I'm good to go on Ranked. I usually run my thief, but after a bunch of 2-3 thief games, I tried out an auramancer Ele and really enjoyed it. Anywho, hit me up if you want to queue up together!

GW: Relt Dragcar R/ GW2: relt.6189
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