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March 16th Update: Bugs everywhere.

The update on Monday introduced a lot of bugs to the game including such things as guild chat, guild research queue among them.

I have put a workaround for the guild chat bug in the guild message of the day. Just follow the instructions there to fix your guild chat. You will need to repeat these steps every time you log into the game. Switching characters if fine but if you log out you'll need to re-enable guild chat.

The guild research queue is also bugged atm. We have the upgrade for two upgrades to be researching at the same time but only one is being researched atm. Sometimes the queue gets stuck as well. If this happens I'll try to take care of it, there is a workaround that has worked so far.

There are so many new bugs in the game that even the ability to report a bug in game is bugged. It's that bad.

Hopefully they'll begin to work on the bugs soon. They have fixed (or at least the patch notes say the did) the bug where Order (Vigil, Whispers, Priory) vendors would only show you the weapons and/or armor you could use.

Just keep an eye out.

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