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A fine example of drafting a win condition.
Late in the draft, which is around pick 24, you know how your deck is starting to look.
While the whole draft through you should keep an eye out on how your deck will turn out, the last few picks cause for more liberal picking in fixing problems in your deck.
In this case, I had a pretty strong early game, but little reach and little late game.

On the very last pick, pick 30, I was offered the choice between Blessed Champion, Bloodsail Corsair and Summoning Stone.
None of these are particulary strong. But even if one of the picks had been a decent 2 or 3 drop, the Blessed Champion would have been the choice.

Because it synergized well with my previously drafted cards.
- Stranglethorn Tiger in particular is amazing, as you can garantuee the combo
This combo with the tiger won me one game.
- I had already several power buffs. 2x abusive sergeant, 1 lance carrier.
You can depend on combo-ing with 1 of these in the length of an arenarun.

The screenshot shows I got the dream off in a single game, which is one of those unforgettable moments that Hearthstone brings

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