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Old October 22nd, 2007, 14:02   #1
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Victrix Match Report 10-21

Another chapter (albeit a short one) etched in the annuls of Victrix legend... our brave warriors tonight were Gus, Aus, Taelith, Zi, Yichi, Tzuul, Neo, and Kaitrin. Our opponents, though valiant, proved to be no match, as we dominated every match with a mix of cunning and ferocity.

Sylvan Avengers; Frozen Isle; Win

This guild was sold recently, apparently to some group of HA players. They had some ridiculous build full of defense, complete with 2 BSurge Eles and a Clumsiness Mesmer. They had only 1 warrior and were never any threat to kill us at the stand - I literally spent more energy clearing hexes and conditions off of our players than I did on actually healing. So because of their defense we focused on other things, arriving at VoD with full morale, good position, and some of their NPCs down. We threatened to split at VoD and that made them hesititate, which allowed us to massacre their NPCs. They walked their Lord out but died quickly when he charged the stand.

Presearing Dye Factory; Warriors Isle; Win

This team was running a somewhat balanced build, though I think I remember they had a flagstand assassin. They played conservatively at first so we pushed into their footment area, and had those NPCs down relatively quickly. They managed to kill Tzuul as he ran in the repair kit because we miscommunicated and were in the middle of taking the neccessary pressure to drop footmen, but luckily Taelith was right there to pick up the kit and finish delivering it. We then systematically routed them into base. They base ressed, and we fought them there, and after a bit of manuevering/splitting/fallingback/counterattacking/chasing etc, we had them wiped again and managed to clear out their Lord cage before they ressed. I believe they then resigned, but perhaps not, my memory is somewhat foggy. If not we just killed them again and dropped the Lord.

Kitty Likes Coconuts; Burning Isle; Win

Hi Elessar Hi Assasins/Hexway Right, so this team had a large amount of degen hexes and a pair of Shattering Assult sins. It was actually fairly challenging, but our defense did a great job of holding up - I dont remember taking a death at the Flagstand. We fought them head on for a while, and then manuevered in the split game for a while, with moderate success (Ineptitude Mesmers really make splitting a pain, pun intended ) We did manage to make some kills and drop some NPCs, though, and by around ~14:00 we only had a moderate advantage in morale and NPCs. It was then, however, that they made a gamble, and charged our base, ignoring our position. Their plan was to even up NPCs before VoD... since they couldnt kill us, maybe they could kill our NPCs since they dont kite and are difficult to select etc. So we ended up with two simultaneous battles, one in each base. Unfortunately for them, and they only managed to kill a single archer (again due to our awesome monks, /flex ) and they took a ton of pressure from our knights, which sealed their fate when our splitters collapsed on them. They full wiped right after 16:00, which allowed us to mop them up into base and drop their knights. We pulled out and awaited their move, which was to try a full-gank. We sent four people back and four people forward to threaten their undefended guild lord... and they never sent people back. Their Lord was dead before our defenders even broke a sweat.

Twelve Olympians; Uncharted Isle; Win

Running a nice balanced build. We split initially and made a little bit of progress. The main battle started in our footmen, which we managed to keep up for a very long time, but eventually moved to the flagstand. Our splitters collapsed on them and we routed them, aided by their mistake of fighting right outside our castle wall, which had 3 archers raining arrows upon them. We fought them more 8v8 and beat them again, and started taking outer NPCs as well. They tried to split, but we defended it by sending just about everyone through the middle path, trapping them in our base. We managed one kill before they could link up with their main team, at which point it was another 8v8 and we starting killing them again. They tried to split once more, but we snared and killed their Guild Theif as he went through the middle path, and wiped their remaining team. They kindly let us in the back door, so we killed thier Guild Lord before their team could base res.

Overall a good night, although we had no true top100 opponents. Still, we were playing very well. Hopefully we can build on it in the coming week.

Victrix celebrates adding a new member to our team, Kaitrin. You might know her, lol. Like Tzuul, she now has dual citizenship in both Victrix and Tor, so please congratulate her on making the team. She certainly has improved.

Thats all the news from Victrix for now. Until next time!

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Sounds like you guys had a great night, congratulations!!

And special congrats to Kaitrin for joining Victrix! I know firsthand what a fantastic player she is, and I know she'll make a great addition to your team.

Great job, Victrix! Keep it up!

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Old October 22nd, 2007, 17:57   #3
Marillion Bloodbane
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Congrats to Victrix and special congrats to Kaitrin! Nice going!

The Torrencians [Tor]
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Congratulations, Kaitrin! Looks like a great way to begin your Victrix career.

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Good game Neo and V, Good Monking, I guess when I said hard Split at the beginning my team didnt listen, anyway GG were gettin better also , also Grats Kaitrin
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Old October 22nd, 2007, 20:08   #6
Ajil Ixal
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Grats Victrix and a special congratulations to Kaitrin!

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Sir Erighan
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Congrats Kaitrin! You deserve it.
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Congrats team Victrix and a special good job to Kaitrin. Way to go!
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Sir Bruce
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Grats Kaitrin, well deserved.
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Thanks, everyone! And thanks to Victrix to inviting me!

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Old October 24th, 2007, 06:03   #11
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Congrats Kaitrin! I see you've already got a snazzy new avatar and sig!

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Congratulations Kaitrin. Always knew you'd make it to Victrix!!!!. Thanks for the excellent match reports, they are a good read.

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Marcus Ferret
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Had a short chat with Gus a few days back and he mentioned V were still lacking a monk. I was about to ask 'Why not Kaitrin?' but was in a bit of a hurry as Val and I had a lunch to get to, and wow...

Gratz Kaitrin, and all the best to V in the coming ATs. Matches are a little too late for me these days, but I still manage to catch one or two on obs in the early mornings. Keep up the good runs.

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congrats to Kaitrin.

oh, and hi Yichi!

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