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Victrix Match Report Sep. 16th

Thanks to Saria, Alzarc, and Bravo for guesting. We ran with our new setup, aus/gus/bruce/saria on wars, tae ranger, tzuul mes, lucky/bruce rit flagger, and neo/bravo/alzarc monking.

Failure to Launch [FtL] -2 (frozen)

Lucky never loaded on the rit flagger, so we just pushed a full gank through the side path, killed a few archers, and resign spiked after 1 min.

The Natural Enemy -2 (dead)

Some pug/smurf/reform I guess, saw some ex-vibe/dV there. They were running a hex/dazed build with beguiling haze & fevered dreams. Lucky was still lagging hard this game. We initially pressured their flagger who pushed for a cap, and I think we killed a monk. Then they double dazed our monks and pretty much wiped us. We never really got back on our feet or split well, and just resigned somewhere around 5 mins.

Lucky rolled out after this match to figure out his computer issues, ended up reformatting. Bravo also had to leave, so saria & alzarc came in here.

The Torrencians [Tor] +2 (druids)

Tor was running heroway with necs & thumpers. Tae and I started with a split in two different directions. As they didn't have any good skirmish characters, they had kaitrin defend the base as a monk, and rob#2 followed me to push me out of the base. Basically we ran them around a bit while killing NPCs & players of opportunity, then collapsed and killed the necros at the flagstand. From there we pushed them into base, and continued picking off NPCs while killing necros and spiking thumpers, finishing the match around 12 mins.

Drunken Panda Scrubs [DPS] +2 (wizards)

Doc's DPS reform, running a fairly balanced build. We split initially to pull their war + flagger back to defend base. Tae & bruce stalled them while I fell back to loop around and repair their siege. From there we continued to fight at the flagstand (took a few losses), while pressuring them with splits on both their front & back gates. Tae, Aus, and I pushed into their base and took out a knight & some archers, until they dropped back an air ele, water ele, and shock war. Aus got away from the water ele (blurred < snares), and I somehow managed to live through Doc & their air ele beating on me for like 2 mins with disciplined stance, healsig, and getting in range for a few LoDs from the stand.

We collapsed on the stand team, made a few kills, and pushed them back into their base at which point I sieged half their team (pretty impressive on wizards) after the 10 min mark. We pushed in and finished the lord before 12.

Free Agency +2 (weeping stone)

Running SS fearme warriors I think, pretty balanced otherwise. We split initially and made progress (SS warrior isn't a good skirmisher). Our flagstand team started making kills as well, so we adjusted the split to get all 3 wars at the stand while Tae continued to wipe all their archers. Continued to push and fall back when they had a chokepoint advantage. Eventually had enough DP on them to make a strong push after an even minute and finish the lord just after 12:00.

Onslaught of Xen [XoO] +2 (imperial)

Running an old school balanced build of w/w/r/me/e/e/mo/mo. We split in two directions initially again, harassing their flagger and killing an archer & knight in their base. This match was a lot of pushing splits off to slowly pick off NPCs, then collapsing on the flagstand team to train monks hard (don't think they were able to cap a flag more than 2-3 times even though they held a flagstand presence). Aus soloed an ele flagger, with a quarterbreak on SoR (+500 DKP). At VoD they had too much DP and NPC disadvantage, so made for a full gank, which we killed.

If I missed any important details, I'm sure someone will comment. Overall a good night, feels good to have such free movement and not sit in a 8v8 snoozefest for 20 mins.

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