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You forget the other "side effect" of the megaservers. There will no longer be a way to see if a temple or dungeon is open. This will mean that to do CoF (for example) you'll have to map to the zone (because the waypoint at the dungeon entrance will ALWAYS show as contested no matter where you are) and then see if the dungeon is open. If it isn't open, you'll not be able to guest to a server that does have it open as the ability to see which events are up/open will also be gone.

The mega server will also really create problems for the daily events in a zone completion. A lot of times I do those late at night and it's nice knowing that Yak's has a low presence during those hours and I can guest there and complete the events without somebody having done them. This will be gone in the future as the megaserver system will put you into a higher population shard unless your native shard is fairly high population. Sometimes being in a low population area is nice.

Overall I like most of the changes especially the dye and wardrobe ones. I don't like the fact that transmuting a sub-80 characters gear just went up 3x. I actually despise the megaserver system for the reasons above and the double waypoint cost to get somewhere in a zone.

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