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bsoltan May 18th, 2016 20:30

GW Guru Forum to close
Hello all,

Just a heads up more than anything. I got notification that the GW Guru forum is due to close in the next month or so.

It is possible the content of the forum will be lost so if you have anything worth saving from there worth taking a look, lots of content and history.


To the entire Guru community:

It's with a heavy heart that I must inform you that this site, Guild Wars Guru, will be shutting down sometime next month (June). Over the past 11 years, we've become, and continued to remain, the #1 fansite for Guild Wars, and it's all because to you guys. Without such a strong and passionate community, Guru would have never made it this far and so we thank you for that.

And while we will be saying good-bye to our home here, we will continue to host forums for the GW community over at our sister site, Guild Wars 2 Guru. In fact, you are more than welcome to head on over now and begin posting. If you have any threads you'd like to transfer over, now would be the time.

So once again thank you, and especially those that contributed their time and knowledge to make Guru the amazing place it was. We'll see you over at Guild Wars 2 Guru!
A GW subsection has been created over on GW2 Guru forums for those still dabling in this old game. :lol:

Hope everyone is doing well.


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