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Neo April 11th, 2007 19:53

Victrix Match Report - 10 April 2007
Overall a pretty good night. We had sole ownership of observer mode, but it seemed no one watched our matches. Boo hoo.

Ego Trip From Rank [ZERO] +2

Warriors Isle

These were taking advantage of alot of recently buffed skills, so they had conjure flame warriors and mind blast eles. Luckily for us Mind Blast had just been set back to its lesser state, so their pressure was decent but not too crazy. They scored the first kill (on Lynn) but at the same time let their catapult get repaired. After that, their offense got shut out and their defense was slowly worn down. They broke and retreated into base after about 10 minutes. We tried to bait them back out so we could hit them with the pult, but they didnt go for it, so we instead pushed straight into their base. We scored some more kills and took down some NPCS, and still took no deaths. They resigned out soon afterward.

Clan W A S D -3

Druids Isle

They came out through the ravine, blocking the bridge path into their base. We fought there for a while, and we scored the first kill, while taking fairly little pressure. However, when Tap had to go run flags their pressure (2 Hammer warriors and a Paragon, all with Conjure) kicked in and we took some deaths. We fell back to the entrance of our base, but eventually reversed the momentum, scored some kills, and pushed back out to the stand. We boosted a bunch of times, at least one of those was due to them forgetting or not noticing. By VoD they were getting pretty DPed and we were maxed, but had less NPCs. At VoD Rob took some Frenzy deaths, and we ended up losing all our NPCs while taking out relatively few of theirs. We sped for the gank across the bridge, and in a minute of pure craziness, scored some kills and threatened to kill their Guild Lord. However, they managed to finally regroup at their base, where we fought for the remainder of the game. We finally broke at 27 minutes... their longetivity had something to do with the 3.5 monk backline -.-. Overall a competitive game, we had a chances all game and especially at the end, just came up a bit short. In a somewhat related note, their ranger was camping me (the RC monk) the entire game, and managed to connect with a whopping 4 out of the 30+ Concussion Shots that he fired at me during the game. Leet stuff. Unfortunately, about 3 out of those 4 came at VoD and were a big reason we broke.

The Academy of Perfection +2

Uncharted Isle

Gus, Tae, and Tap went around the backside to check out the gank we anticipated they would send, and they happily engaged the 3 enemy units they found there. The rest of us fought 5v5 in the middle area, where we got some kills and boosted, and slowly pushed them back into their base. We were winning the split battle as well, so soon we had pushed them back into their guild lord area on both fronts. After a bunch of running around and a little more killing, they resigned out. It should be noted that the mesmer on the other team had a personal vendetta against Zi, and camped him the entire game - interupting his diversions, shattering any enchantments that ended up on him, diversioning him, etc. He did aboslutely nothing else. he just annoyed Zi the whole game. How useful.

Insanity Inc +2

Frozen Isle

We went all to the middle first, they sent some to middle and some to the stand. We managed to snare and kill an ele immedeately, and then sent Gus and Tae into their base where they marauded unimpeded since that ele was supposed to be their base defender / runner. The rest of us headed of to the flagstand since they had capped. We fought there for a while, they didnt really have much pressure but they spiked every once in a while. I dont think we took any deaths though. We pressured them pretty heavily for a very long time, and they eventually broke when our splitters out of their base and came to help the stand. Coming into VoD we had a pretty big NPC and Morale advantage. They let their NPCs go to the stand to get slaughtered, but pushed through the middle with their entire team. We got caught a little out of position and took some deaths due to miscommunication, but recovered. The final battle took place in the heart of our base, where they cracked quickly. It was ended emphatically when Rob nailed both monks with Earthshaker while Gus was simulataneously unloading on them too. They both died before they got up, and base ressed seconds later.

Ajil Ixal April 11th, 2007 20:15

Was able to watch your first 2 matches on Obs mode which was good for a change. Seems like you had a good night congrats. Thanks for the reports:D

eightyfour-onesevenfive April 11th, 2007 20:17

Nice reports!

Looks like Victrix is back on the track again! Rock on! :victory:

Marillion Bloodbane April 11th, 2007 21:19

Since I got on quite late I only managed to catch the Insanity Inc. match before the match before was removed from observer mode...I wish they had a longer running list. :(

That one match was still very entertaining to watch. I thought you guys played very well tactically (aside from the miscommunication at VOD where you guys got caught out of position) and in particular I enjoyed Taelith's one on one battles with the enemy ranger they sent back to defend their base.

I was worried you guys weren't going to post last nights battles so I was happy to see this go up. Please keep them coming. We really enjoy reading them!

Tap April 11th, 2007 22:01

I, too have a personal vendetta against Zi :devil:

However, I can't interrupt his Diversion's, or shatter his enchants :sadpanda:

I can however place enchantments to be shattered on him!

P.S. <3 Zi

Marcus Ferret April 11th, 2007 22:43


Originally Posted by Neo
In a somewhat related note, their ranger was camping me (the RC monk) the entire game, and managed to connect with a whopping 4 out of the 30+ Concussion Shots that he fired at me during the game. Leet stuff. Unfortunately, about 3 out of those 4 came at VoD and were a big reason we broke.

Guess practise makes perfect...:blink:

Managed to catch the first two before heading off to bed. The second match was a great battle and the attempt on the GL was truly adventurous - so close yet so far though...:(

Hmmm... With the number of guilds that Tommy is guesting for, one wonders if he really has time to play for QQ...:lol:

Clan W A S D [WASD]: 8 days old - 43 wins 5 losses

Team Tomtennisar [TT]: 6 days old - 53 wins 3 losses

Team Quitter [QQ]: only played a dozen matches over the past week with a gap of six days without any matches played...

Greedy Gus April 11th, 2007 22:59

WASD is the old NUKE core reformed, and TT seemed to be clan detained dT reformed.

Belle April 11th, 2007 23:38

When Ajil Ixel (Jon) told me you guys were on, I watched the first two games. The [WASD] match was really intense and I thought for sure you were going to take their Guild Lord down. Good job and thanks for the report.

Empedocles April 12th, 2007 05:51


Originally Posted by Greedy Gus
WASD is the old NUKE core reformed, and TT seemed to be clan detained dT reformed.

Tomtenissar sounds awfully lot Swedish, though.

Nuxie April 12th, 2007 05:56


Originally Posted by Empedocles
Tomtenissar sounds awfully lot Swedish, though.

I don't know anything about them other than that they have pushed themselves into the top 100 over the past couple days running Eurohex on Jade.

Marcus Ferret April 12th, 2007 10:20


Originally Posted by Greedy Gus
WASD is the old NUKE core reformed, and TT seemed to be clan detained dT reformed.

Hmmm, interesting... The way top players are reforming, moving around, guesting, etc. makes for an interesting study; especially when they are able to string a series of impressive wins within a week of forming up the new guild. PUFF lost a couple of key players last month and ended up as an 'All Stars pug guild' for a while with players from eW and eF guesting. The guilds above may be just that, or it may be a move by a certain number of players and guilds to unite and capitalise on monthly tournaments by placing and registering secondary accounts on a separate guild for monthly tourneys. Just a theory as I'm not even sure if this is allowed or possible due to the tournament schedules, etc.

Anyway, does anyone know if any of the above mentioned guilds were, or are part of the same Alliance?

Robus April 12th, 2007 11:49

I found the WASD match frustrating, I was suffering from some bad lag. Gus disconnected for a whole 2 minutes, and JMS had a high ping.

they suffered with having a flagger load in late too.

It was still a pretty epic match but could have been better if we were like all there, together.

Almighty Zi April 12th, 2007 13:37

The ping and the disconnects are very annoying. There was one point in the WASD match where they broke and we were chasing them back through the flag area. I had blood lust and found myself on the frontline saying on vent 'Where are our warriors? Why aren't we keeping pressure on them and killing them on the retreat?'. It was then that folk said that Gus had disconnected and we had to wait at the flag stand for him to reconnect instead of pushing at a crucial time.

Rob#2 April 13th, 2007 14:26

Too bad mid-liners run spears instead of axes and swords now. Zi could have kept up the pressure all by himself. :)

Thanks for the report, Neo.

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