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Velvet November 28th, 2015 17:13

SoF is Recruiting!!
Hi all,

Since many of our long-time members have been "afk" for a while, we are looking to find some more active GW2 players to rebuild our ranks. So, we will be posting a recruitment thread on the GW2 Official Forums, and directing potential applicants to come to this forum and post an application.

Since folks can be in multiple guilds now, and there is a large selection of guild to choose from, we have decided to streamline our recruitment process a bit. We will still require potential members to post an application and ask that they post around on our forums. However, the "trialing" stage has been reduced dramatically. We will ask potential applicants to contact one of our officers in-game so that we can chat with them and hopefully get some playtime in, and encourage them to join a guild event. The goal is to quickly evaluate an applicant and invite them (or not) within 1-2 weeks max.

"What can I do to help?" I'm so glad you asked!! ;)

1) Please come on the forums regularly and engage any applicant in "conversation". Ask them questions and generally participate in forum thread exchanges with them.

2) Please come to guild events (Sundays @ 7m server time) and participate, and observe the new applicants in-game. Also, please be willing to join up with a guild group for an objective if you are asked, so we can play with applicants at other times aside from guild events.

3) Please send any feedback to the Council members ASAP - especially if that feedback is negative toward the applicant.

4) IMPORTANT!! Please at least say "hello" and "good-bye" on guild chat EVERY TIME you are in game. We have all gotten out of this habit, and it is a small but powerful thing to do to keep the guild connected, especially as new members come onboard.

If you have any questions, please message a Councillor. Also, please check out the new Applicant Thread that will be posted soon.

Thank you all for your support - let's revive this guild back to it's former glory! :w00t:

Oracle November 29th, 2015 10:10

Great initiative and glad to see this. Also FULLY echo point 4 above!!!!

Due to house moves and job pressures I'm not in-game at present but am active on the forums.

The great thing about this guild is that the community exists both on and off-line and always has.


Jung January 7th, 2016 13:16

Velvet & Orical,
:pirate: Hi, may I apply, for my significant other:
This is the J factor, Tyrian monkster in the flesh. Phaedra has a yaks bend
level 4 and 5 and I would like to endow to her a first class seat under my
bulletin ID here. If I may, could you contact Frog Devourer and ask if he still
has the care-bear template of mine. January 14 will be our second
anniversary and She has had a promise ring the whole time. Also white gold
and diamond earrings, thus far.

To begin I am of German and Scott ancestry as well as Spain, and Turkey, and am known as the oblivious Jungster to Royal and a strange factor to Makkert. The great rabit of holy grails. Arrrgh.
My brother and I are in two silent tomb mode in my offspring guild. Yet, you cannot expect much love from a heap of Chaldean monsters.
All references aside, she is great! and I would love to apply, for her myself as she is in anxiety due to the weight of this overbearing world. :ninja:

Carl Steven Jung asks: may we upgrade this account to the guild wars 2 alliance? I will repost her ign, but phaelee will be present at adorning. I sought you first. Nothing beat pumping Makkert and Royal up into smite with my brother Tom. If someday the events of tragedy turn we all may return to the hall of heroes and reign again. Since Royal holds the Iron rod, I trust it to be so.
Hitherto, I submit a voucher, for consideration. I return to the California State University of Long Beach next Semester in January very soon...she is going good. We have American friends per-say, my old American Allies, but I cannot regain the clout I once had with such bantering Jargon. I call, for truce and a sincere gratitude to ever remain a Servant of Fortuna.:crying: As a candel on a treetop I shine, for them, but how can I live with this messy life. Afterall, I cannot even locate gruff. -Ezekial Dog Signing off. And stars into your general direction. Carebears always win.

WetWookie January 10th, 2016 22:57

Hai jung. Council is discussing and will get back to you regarding your significant other

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